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It all start with service quality.

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Honesty and trust is the secret to our success.  For years we have assisted our customers in achieving their goals and objectives of attaining the most for their grease / used cooking oil waste. Our team is dedicated to provide everyone with exeptional customer service.  

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Our obligation is to provide our clients with the highest levels of professionalism and purchasing price to continually be the leading choice for all grease haulers and used cooking oil sellers. We have an onsite plant that process the used grease we attain in which allows us to offer customers more.

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At Southern Cal Bio we ensure that our customers are getting the most for their product. Every load that we received will be weight and tested  with the seller present. Once the testing process is done and the pricing agreed upon we will guarantee that the payment will be issued immediately.

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We have formed a team dedicated to providing you an outstanding customer service. As a commitment for every customer, we will work as hard as we can to help them achieve their goals. Call us today and see how why people have been switching to us and away from our competitors.

We help clients achieve their goals and objectives by providing them with the with superior service and agressive rebates.

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We are dedicated to maximizing the return on your grease commodity value.

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Based in Orange County California Southern Cal Bio grease / used cooking oil commodities throughout California. For years we have provided the most professional, loyal and informative service in the industry. We are dedicated in a long term client relationships and we will continually put the best interest of our clients ahead of our own in each and every transaction. We understand the importance of being a team therefore, when working with our company we will make certain you that your needs are important to each and every team member of our organization.


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