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UCO Collection for Commercial Kitchen

Used Cooking Oils are sticky, and nasty products that a restaurant produces in abundant amounts everyday. Sometimes used fryer oils can become a problem to deal with while running a business in the food & beverage industry. UCO’s are harmful both for the environment and your kitchen if not dealt with in a proper manner. The way you choose to handle your used cooking oil may also affect impression of your customers towards your business.

Its obligatory for commercial kitchens to treat their used cooking oil in compliance with the regulation imposed by the municipalities. Government demands that you collect and store your waste cooking oil and yellow grease in a proper storage facility and without letting them get in touch with the environment or the city sewerage system. When there’s a decent amount of used oil collected in the UCO storage container, commercial kitchens must hand them over to a licensed IKG hauler. Remember, it is also the responsibility of the food establishment to make sure their used fryer oils are getting handed over to a decent UCO collector and won’t get misused or dealt with irresponsibly. 

The Grease Company - #1 UCO Collector in California

Licensed & Experienced

The Grease Company is a licensed IKG hauler (also known as a UCO collector) in California. We provide a comprehensive and customer-friendly used cooking oil collection service throughout the state. Our technicians are experts with 12 years of experience in handling toxic yet valuable food grade expired cooking oil, yellow grease, etc. We are completely aware of the regulations and perform oil collection accordingly. The restaurant which subscribes to our UCO collection service is provided with a free-of-cost used oil storage bin (fit for their need). TGC transports the collected grease to the local processing facility for them to get converted or recycled (mostly into biofuels). Call us NOW at (888) 789-1090 to talk to a live representative. We are available to answefr any of your queries 24/7.

TGC also provides hydro jetting, grease trap cleaning and other grease trap services.

Customer Support

We are available 24/7 to serve our customers in their convenient hours.

ECO Friendly

Our services are completely environment friendly. We collect used fryer oil, and grease to recycle them into various usable and sustainable goods.

Professional Service

Our team of experts technicians are highly trained and has more than a decades of experience of working in the food & beverage industry.

Wide Service Area

We provide our services in different cities and counties in the Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, Buena Park, Long Beach, etc.

Competitive Lower Pricing

Providing the most effective services in the best price made us different from other companies.

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Used Cooking Oil Collection - Fast & Reliable

Finding a reliable company for used cooking oil collection in California can be a bit tricky. Its important to make sure that the UCO collector you choose is licensed and experienced. But it is also necessary that the company you choose delivers their oil pickup service at your convenient hours without disturbing regular schedule of your commercial kitchen. To fulfill our customers complete requirement, we, the Grease Company have made ourselves available 24/7 to respond to any emergency call of our customers. Whether it is midnight or early morning, call (888) 789-1090 and we’ll be there to help you out. Email us to learn more.

Grease Management and Used Oil Recycling Services


Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap is a plumbing device designed to intercept and separate FOGS before they can enter a wastewater disposal system. It is receptible into which waster water mixed with FOGS flows through.

Grease Interceptor Cleaning

The Grease Co. provides a comprehensive and cost-effective grease interceptor cleaning and pumping service in Southern California. Our expert commercial plumbers are highly-trained and experienced.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Recycling used cooking oil is a problem every restaurant owner deals with. Used fryer oils are toxic food waste which restaurants and commercial kitchens produce everyday.                                                                         

Grease Trap Repair

A broken grease trap is no good for a commercial kitchen. If you think your grease trap is broken, call the Grease Company immediately. Our professional grease trap repair includes inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Grease Interceptor Repair

TGC offers comprehensive grease interceptor repair at an affordable price. Our complete grease management service includes a thorough inspection of a grease interceptor, pumping, and repair.

Hydro Jet Plumbing

Does your sewer get frequently blocked? Are you looking for affordable hydro jetting drain cleaning in California? You’re in the right place. Expert plumber from TGC can help you in this regard.

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The Grease Company

Everything your commercial kitchen needs

The Grease Company is a professional and licensed IKG hauler and grease management service provider in California. We offer a full line of comprehensive plumbing services for commercial kitchens, including grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor cleaning, grease trap repair, grease interceptor repair, hydro jetting, and used cooking oil collection.

Our grease trap and used cooking oil collection experts are highly trained according to the regulations and dedicated to providing the best plumbing services to our customers.

We have a wide range of service areas. For 12 years we’ve been providing our services in different cities of Southern California. As plumbing experts, we understand the value of an emergency plumbing service and therefore made ourselves available 24/7 for the convenience of our customers.

“The best service at the best price” – that’s been the secret behind our success so far. We are everything your commercial kitchen needs.

Need an emergency grease trap or UCO collection service? Dial our toll free number (888) 789-1090 at any time of the day. Or email us with your details to get a free quote.

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Customers reviews
Customers reviews
After numerous attempts off calling my old company to collect my used cooking oil and being told that they were going to show up but never did, I finally decided to make the switch. Found this company on Google and decided to try them out. Within the next day after calling they came to bring me a new grease container that bigger and can hold more than buckets that I had before. This company is quick to respond and made it easier for me to dispose my oil.
Jeffrey Stevens
Restaurant Owner
Very professional and immediate attention. Had a problem with the city and theses guys helped me immediately to fix the waste cooking oil disposal issue we are having. Grease trap overflowed city came and I found GMS online so I called. They had a clean up crew at my place working an hours which was very impressive. After cleaning up they pumped out the grease trap and cleaned my drains. Can’t say that the price was cheap but they were the lowest I found.
customer review for used cooking oil collection service
Ronnie Maza
We had an emergency and my whole facility was down. I called these guys and right away they were able to assist. Within an hour their team was able to come pump out the grease trap so that the plumber can access and change the sump pump. Highly recommended especially if you are in a bind because they are fast and reasonably priced. Great Value for my money.
customer review for used cooking oil collection service
Allan Torres
Restaurant Owner