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Flaxseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Butter Oil, Extra-virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Vegetable Shortening, Lard (Pork Fat), Duck Fat, Grapeseed Oil, Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, Margarine, Corn Oil, Light Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Peanut Oil, Clarified Oil (Ghee), Olive Oil, Beef Tallow, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil

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Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling

Used Cooking Oils are messy and sticky waste products of food establishments. Commercial kitchens produce used fryer oils in abundant amounts every day, while they’re cooking & frying for their countless customers. Owners of a busy restaurant don’t have extra time to pay attention to this ‘sticky used oil’ problem, but at the same time, UCOs also can’t be ignored. Waste cooking oil refers to a commercial food waste generated from frying and cooking at high temperature with edible vegetable oils or animal fats. Restaurant cooking oil contains toxic elements that are harmful for human health. At the same time they can create clogs in the plumbing system of your business establishment if you pour them into the kitchen sink with other liquid waste. Used cooking oil can also affect the environment if you throw them outside.

If you’re looking for the best solution to your UCO problem, therefore, a dependable, professional, and licensed IKG Hauler in your area, you’re in the right place. The Grease Co. provides an effective and complete used cooking oil collection and recycling service in different cities of Southern California. Let us transform your used fryer oil into something better. We’ve been collecting deep fryer oil, expired food grade waste cooking oil, and yellow grease for more than a decade. TGC collects used oil from restaurants, coffee shops, grocery shops, supermarkets, etc. in bulk. Our end-to-end service will get rid of your UCO problem and help you contribute to a better tomorrow.

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The Best Used Cooking Oil Recycling Service

Recycling used cooking oil is a problem every restaurant owner deals with. Used fryer oils are toxic food waste that restaurants and commercial kitchens produce every day. Nobody should reuse used restaurant cooking oil because of its higher level of toxicity. Reusing WCO can cause different fatal diseases including Cancer. If you choose an irresponsible cooking oil disposal method to get rid of your waste cooking oil, it might become the cause of the next environmental disaster. Restaurant WCO is a valuable feedstock for many usable products. So, in spite of throwing them away, it’s always best to recycle UCO.

In that regard, TGC- the fastest growing plumbing company in California, is here to help you resolve your ‘Used cooking oil collection’ problem. Customers of the Grease Co. enjoy a hassle-free, cost-effective, and time-saving plumbing experience. Our technicians are professionally trained, and experienced and are equipped with the best grease management technology. We are a licensed UCO collector and we promise to handle your material with responsibility.


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Free, Reliable Used Cooking Oil Collection

The Grease Co. is a licensed cooking oil recycling expert company and our goal is to make the ‘used cooking oil collection’ process as simple as possible. Used oil and yellow grease that we collect get transformed into biodiesel which is both non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • We provide a storage container for your use to collect UCO (free of cost.)
  • Our technicians will set a pre-schedule for used fryer oil pick-up frequency based on container capacity as well as free maintenance.
  • We operate our services 24/7 for the convenience of our customers.
  • To provide our customers with real-time support, we’re always available at our toll-free hotline ( 888-789-1090) to make connections easy between us and our customers.

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As one of the leading companies for used cooking oil collection in California, TGC understands the value of a comprehensive plumbing service in the convenient hours. We have formed a strategic partnership with different reputable servicers to meet the expectation of our customers.. Our special feature of real-time response and extended service hours have made us different and more customer-friendly. We are dedicated to serving our customers fast with a long-term and cost-effective solution. Call us today to discover more about our company.

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Dependable UCO Collection and Recycle Service in California

The Grease Co. is a one-stop shop for food establishments. Including used cooking oil collection, we provide a full line of grease management services. Our comprehensive commercial kitchen plumbing services are grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor cleaning, grease trap repair, grease interceptor repair, and hydro jetting.

We are licensed by the CDFA, and Our technicians are highly trained to handle used fryer oils, aware of the regulations of the municipalities. Being equipped with the best grease management technology, we always ready to serve customers anywhere in California. Dedication to finding our customers the best and long-term solution makes us different from other companies in the industry. Call us today to discover more about us.

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Knowledgebase - UCO and recycling

Is it dangerous to reuse cooking oils? WHY?

The cooking oils that were used in frying or cooking at high temperatures are referred as used cooking oil. As a result of the frying process used fryer oil loses its food value, smoke point decreases and the chemical composition contains highly toxic carcinogenic substances. Such levels of toxicity are extremely harmful for human health and consuming used cooking oils can result in CANCER.

It is forbidden for commercial kitchens to reuse cooking oils and doing so is considered as a health code violation.

How to properly dispose of used cooking oils in compliance with the regulations?

According to the law of California, it is forbidden to reuse used oils in any means of cooking or frying. It is also obligatory for food establishment owners to dispose of their used cooking oil in the right manner. But how will you do that?

While dealing with deep fryer oil, yellow grease, or expired food grade waste oil, restaurants and other food establishments struggle to find a perfect solution to store UCOs. To start with, you must install a facility in your establishment to collect used oils while avoiding spilling and leaking.

A professional IKG Hauler (also known as a UCO collector) can help you in this regard. If your food business is located in California, you may call the Grease Company for a reliable and comprehensive UCO solution. TGC provides a free UCO collection bins to the customers along with installation and maintenance. After the installation is complete, we shall provide you with an approximate schedule of oil pick-up. Our team of expert UCO technicians will ensure that the schedule is perfectly fit for your business by inspecting your fryer and calculating the net volume of grease production in your restaurant.

Restaurant cooking oil and food grade waste cooking oils may seem like “waste” but they have monetary value because of their huge demand in the biodiesel industry. 


Do not pour your used cooking oil into your kitchen sink. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a clogged drain and may as well face citations from the municipality.

TGC - One Stop Solution to Used Cooking Oil Collection

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Very professional and immediate attention. Had a problem with the city and theses guys helped me immediately to fix the waste cooking oil disposal issue we are having. Grease trap overflowed city came and I found GMS online so I called. They had a clean up crew at my place working an hours which was very impressive. After cleaning up they pumped out the grease trap and cleaned my drains. Can’t say that the price was cheap but they were the lowest I found.
customer review for used cooking oil collection service
Ronnie Maza
We had an emergency and my whole facility was down. I called these guys and right away they were able to assist. Within an hour their team was able to come pump out the grease trap so that the plumber can access and change the sump pump. Highly recommended especially if you are in a bind because they are fast and reasonably priced. Great Value for my money.
customer review for used cooking oil collection service
Allan Torres
Restaurant Owner

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Used Cooking Oil Collection - Frequently Asked Question

The Grease Co. collects used cooking oil, deep fryer oil, food grade waste cooking oil and yellow grease from restaurants, supermarkets, food service establishments, etc. in bulk. The demand for sustainable fuel is going high every day. We collect UCO to transform them into degradable biofuel. Used fryer oils are inexpensive, and sustainable feedstock for biofuels. TGC collects and transports restaurant cooking oils to the recycling facility where they get dewatered, cleaned and recycled. Some portion of our collected used oil also gets recycled into animal feeds for dogs, cats, and birds. We face different questions from our customers while doing our job-

Do I need any equipment to handle and collect used cooking oil?

To collect used cooking oil, a commercial kitchen needs a facility with a large container to store the deep fryer oil while a process that allows the used fryer oil to get transferred to the storage container. There are different types of containers available that are used in collecting UCO such as outdoor bins or indoor tanks. We highly recommend that you consult an expert restaurant cooking oil collector such as TGC before you get your storage container. Your waste cooking oil storage has to be fit for your needs while being in compliance with the regulations.

After you contact us, experts from TGC will visit your establishment to inspect the types of fryer or cooker you’re using, calculate the net volume of grease production, and fix a frequency of oil pickup. We also provide storage bins (free of cost) and regular maintenance service for our long-term customers.

What is the minimum amount of used oil TGC collects?

The minimum amount of used fryer oil that we collect is 1000 gallons. We collect used cooking oil from restaurants, supermarkets, grocery shops, or any business in the food & beverage industry that produce UCO in bulk. Have Over a 1,000 Gallons or Pallets of Waste Oil? Call TGC today.

Table of Contents

What is the cost of used cooking oil collection?

Our used cooking oil collection service is absolutely free of cost. In fact, you may receive a handsome rebate check from us in exchange for your UCO, expired food grade cooking oil, and yellow grease. 

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Table of Contents

There are thousands of busy restaurants and food establishments in California.  are working hard day and night to provide food for millions of hungry people. As a result, used cooking oils are generated in tons everyday. But where is the time in the busy schedule of a restaurant owner to deal with UCO?

Not to worry, the Grease Co. is here help food businesses in this oily problem. We are the #1 IKG hauler in the state, providing our comprehensive services for more than 12 years. 

We are fast, reliable and always ready to take new challenges. 

We Collect Used Cooking Oils. Have over 1000 gallons of UCO?

Types of Oil We Collect
What type of bin do I need as restaurant used oil storage container?

There are different types of storage containers available for used cooking oil collection. The two basic types of bins are the inside bin that is placed inside the establishment, and the outside bin which is usually placed outside, near the trash area. Outside bins may seem like a good option for a restaurant owner as it is easy to keep all the used fryer oil trash away from public view. But outdoor containers have some disadvantages.

  • Outside bins are less protective and therefore create bad odors. Bad smells may reduce the appetites of your customers. While running a food business, the last thing you want is bad odors inside your establishment territory.
  • Though used oils and expired waste cooking oils are nothing but “food waste” the truth is, that UCO has monetary value. It is recyclable and can be turned into different expensive and useful products such as biodiesel, and animal feed. For this value, criminals try to break into the outside trash area of food establishments and steal grease. Grease theft has become a serious crime, and according to a statistic, over $70 million worth of restaurant cooking oil and yellow grease gets stolen every year. This costs money from both the restaurant and the used cooking oil collector. Outdoor bins are open invitations to thieves.
  • When you have an outdoor grease storage container in your establishment, your employee must hand-carry hot grease to the bin which is quite risky.
Advantages of an indoor used cooking oil storage bin

An indoor storage bin for used oil can eliminate most of these problems. Consult TGC experts today to learn about all the different options available to choose from. Even if you do not have enough space in your establishment for an indoor tank, our technicians can help you pick the right size of UCO storage facility that may suit your needs.

Here are all the advantages you will get with an indoor used cooking oil storage bin –

Indoor storage containers for restaurant cooking oil are much more contaminated and safe to hold bad odors inside its facility. This feature will protect your dining area and kitchen from smell pollution.
Indoor used cooking oil collection is much safer to protect your rebate by preventing different issues.

I do not have enough space in my kitchen for a indoor used cooking oil storage facility, what do I do?

It’s always better to consult a used cooking oil collection expert company before you determine the type of used oil storage facility you need. But if you truly need an outdoor storage bin, there are ways to prevent grease theft –

  • Regularly inspect the storage bin to detect any change in the amount of stored grease.
  • Maintain a good security system, such as installing a monitoring camera in your backyard or trash area.
  • Call 911 and your contracted IKG Hauler if you detect any attempt of grease theft.
What if the storage container overflows with grease?

Before determining the type and size of storage facility for deep fryer oil, and waste cooking oil your restaurant needs, we calculate the net volume of grease production. Based on that, we set a schedule for oil picks up to avoid all sorts of inconvenience. We fix the schedule in such a way so that you get our used cooking oil collection service before your bin reaches its full status. However, if your storage container has overflowed with used oils, call (888) 789-1090. We are more than happy to answer our customers’ emergency calls at any hour of the day.

What does your used cooking oil storage bin and other equipment cost?

We’re more than happy to announce that the storage container we provide for the grease collection is free. Our technicians will also help our customers in installing and maintaining the facility.

What happens to the used fryer oil that we collect?

After you hand over your UCO to us, we safely transport those used oils to a licensed and government approved recycling facility. The grease we collect mostly gets transformed into sustainable biofuel and animal feed.

Why is recycling used cooking oil important?

You should never pour your waste cooking oil or grease into the kitchen sink. They are sticky and can create clogs in your sewer system resulting in sewer backups, overflows etc. You also should not throw them in the ground with your other garbage. It is always better to recycle used fryer oil than disposing of them in some unhealthy manner.

There are many advantages of recycling used cooking oil:

  • Recycling used oil will reduce unpleasant odor in your restaurant area and improve the curb appeal of your customers.
  • If you collect and hand over your UCO to a licensed IKG hauler (like you should) will save your kitchen from different plumbing issues.
  • Boost your contribution to saving the planet by helping to recycle and support in achieving the sustainability goal of your company.
Who will pick up my grease?

After setting up an frequency of used cooking oil pick up, a technician from our Used cooking oil collection will arrive at your place according as the schedule. With our hassle free, and customer friendly oil pick up service, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Does UCO has any value?

Yes, you can make some money by handing over your expired food grade waste oil, yellow grease to us. Used cooking oils are inexpensive yet very important commodity used in different useful products. Deep fryer oils are recycled into products like biofuel, animal feeds, and various other useful household products. The value of your used oil is determined by the demand of yellow grease.

Can used cooking oils be added in compost piles?

You should never put your used cooking oil in compost piles. They will create an unpleasant odor. Putting too much UCO in a compost pile can even halt the process of composting while it will also be an open invitation to rat-rodent infestati0n in your establishment.

Does TGC collect UCO from households?

Unfortunately, we only collect used cooking oils from restaurants, supermarket, grocery shop, university canteen, etc. in bulk amount. The minimum amount of used oil, yellow grease we collect in 1000 gallons.

Do you collect or recycle motor oil?

No, we do not collect motor oils. TGC only collects expired food grade waste oil, yellow grease, used cooking oil, etc. But if you want to drop off your used motor oil, contract your local automotive retailer or the city waste management authority. Motor oils are hazardous elements and you should not pur them in drains or throw them away in the ground.

What do I do if I need emergency used oil collection service?

Call (888) 789-1090 whenever you need our oil collection service. We’re available 24/7 and ready to provide our service at the convenient hour for our customers.


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