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Restaurant oil collection service in Buena Park

Used cooking oil collection in Buena Park is an obligatory task for restaurant, and food establishment that not only helps to keep the city clean and environmentally friendly but also keeps their business away from unwanted business loss. It is also a way to contribute to the national economy as used fryer oils and yellow grease are valuable feedstock to biodiesel- a sustainable alternative to petroleum based fuel. 

To dispose of used cooking oil near Buena Park, the best method is to pour it into a container with a tight-fitting lid. This will help to prevent spills and leaks. When there is a decent amount of used oil stored inside the container, a restaurant can earn few extra bucks by handing over their waste vegetable oil to a licensed grease collector. 

CDFA has assigned several companies (Known as Inedible kitchen grease hauler) to collect grease from door to door and take them away to a recycling center. These grease recycling companies safely collect and process used cooking oil, and they often provide drop-off services for residents and businesses.

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Cooking grease is one of the biggest pollutants in our waterways and can be devastating to an eco-system if not properly disposed. In Buena Park, California, used cooking oil collection has become a popular way to help prevent water pollution. Grease collectors in the area have been working hard to ensure that used cooking oil is disposed of correctly and safely.

The Grease Company is a waste management  company in southern California. We are licensed by the CDFA and experienced in handling hazardous materials such as waste cooking oil, yellow grease, etc. Some of other services we provide are grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor cleaning, grease trap repair, grease interceptor repair, grease trap replacement, and hydro jetting.

TGC is a licensed IKG Hauler and have been providing restaurant oil removal and recycling service in Buena Park and other busy cities of California for years. We are reliable, and trusted by thousands of restaurants throughout the state. 

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Used cooking oil recycling in Buena Park

Buena Park is a small city in the Orange County in California yet with a large population of 83,021. A huge percentage of this population tends to visit restaurants, cafeterias, dine in or take outs to fulfill their daily need of protein and carbs. As a result, the commercial kitchens in the area stays busy all day and produces gallons of used fryer oil, waste cooking oil and yellow grease a by-product.

Restaurant owners in Buena Park need a reliable company that may solve their used grease problem. A reliable IKG Hauler doesn’t just remove oils and grease but also, helps a restaurant to store their used oil by supplying a decent storage container,  and at the end with a detailed ‘proof of collection’, also known as a manifest report that can save a commercial kitchen from penalties/citations.

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Used Cooking Oil Storage Containers

It is important to store used cooking oil in a container that is sturdy, leak-proof, and able to be sealed to prevent spills and contamination. The container should also be labeled clearly to indicate that it contains used cooking oil. Some options for containers to store used cooking oil include:

  • Metal or plastic drums with tight-fitting lids
  • Plastic or metal pails with tight-fitting lids
  • Plastic or metal buckets with tight-fitting lids
  • Food-grade plastic bags that are placed inside a container with a lid to prevent leaks

When storing used cooking oil, it is important to keep the container in a cool, dry place to prevent the oil from going rancid. You should also ensure that the container is not left outside in extreme temperatures, as this can affect the quality of the oil. If you are using a container with a handle, make sure that it is sturdy enough to support the weight of the oil when the container is full.

The Grease Company provides their customers with a decent storage container after inspecting their fryer and calculating approximate amount of oil they produce in a month. Email us to learn more.. 

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Scheduled Grease Collection Service

As a licensed used oil collection, restaurant oil removal, recycling and disposal service provider, we often find our customers in sticky situations because of some irresponsible act they have committed. As a result, either they had clogged the plumbing system of their own establishment or had been penalized by the municipality. Here are some of those worst practices you should avoid : 

Never put waste cooking oil in the dumpster: Cooking oils after being used for once becomes rancid and develop molecules that are dangerous for both human health and the environment. Therefore, you should never treat used cooking oil as other junk. According to the regulations of CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture), UCOs have to be dealt with in a proper manner, and handed over to a licensed UCO Collector periodically.

Here’s a list of licensed Inedible Kitchen Grease Collectors in California

Do not hand over used cooking oil to an unauthorized collector: As mentioned previously, UCOs have to be handed over ONLY TO A LICENSED OIL COLLECTOR. It is also the responsibility of the establishment owner to ensure that his deep fryer oils are getting disposed of in the RIGHT WAY. Failing to do so will result in a penalty.

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Do not pour your used cooking oil into your kitchen sink. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a clogged drain and may as well face citations from the municipality.