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Everything you need to know about Corn Oil

Corn oil is a vegetable fat widely used in cooking and deep-frying. It is a comparatively cheaper cooking oil used in household and commercial kitchens. The oil is made from the seeds of corn. It is medium yellow in color and has a mild or neutral taste.

The process of making this oil is more complicated than other vegetable oils. Extracting begins with cold-pressing kernels of corn. To remove any impurity, pressed materials goes through three chemical process- hexane extraction, deodorization, and winterization. This removes saturated fats which makes sure that the oil remains liquid at room temperature and heart-healthy. Refining the oil also strips free fatty acid and phospholipids which makes the oil ideal for any type of frying.

The commercial kitchen often uses this oil for food preparation because of its mild taste and high smoke point. Other than cooking, the oil has many other uses. In this article, you’ll discover all about the nutritional value, and health benefits. You’ll also learn how to dispose of old corn oil and how to recycle used corn oil.

Nutritional value

Corn oil is pure fat vegetable oil. It contains ZERO carbohydrates and protein. Every 15-milliliter of the oil contains 122 calories and 14 grams of fat which are mostly polyunsaturated fats (omega-6 and omega-3 fats). This fat helps to improve good cholesterol levels which decreases inflammation and promotes better health.

the oil also provides a decent amount of fat-soluble vitamin E (13% of daily value). This nutrient works as a natural inflammatory and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The process of extracting this oil strips most of the important nutrients of corn. Still, the oil provides a fair amount of nutritional value and therefore can be an important addition to a healthy diet.


Corn oil as cooking oil

Corn oil is best known as a frying oil. It has a smoke point of 450°F which makes it ideal for deep-frying and its mild taste allows the original flavor of other ingredients to shine through. Other than deep-frying, you can use this oil in sauteing, frying, baking, and even as a salad dressing. It is a superbly nutritious, widely available cooking oil at a comparatively cheap price. For these reasons, using this oil in cooking is popular in both homes and restaurants.

It is a versatile fat that has a variety of uses. It is largely used in the production of industrial cleaners and lubricants, cosmetics, soaps, etc. You can also recycle used corn oil or expired food grade corn oil into various usable goods including biofuel.

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Health benefits

Corn oil is a good source of many healthy components such as fat-soluble vitamin E, phytosterols, etc. It also has a rich profile of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids that helps reduce cholesterol level. The linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids help improve heart health. Research shows, that foods that contain a high amount of polyunsaturated fats also help to keep the blood pressure level normal.

Many people use this oil to massage skin and nourish hair. Vitamin E and linoleic acid in corn oil promote skin functioning. The oil has massive uses as lip balms, night oils, and creams as well.

When does corn oil expire?

Corn oil is plant-based cooking fat. Like other vegetable oils, it expires and loses its food value over time. Typically, the lifespan of this oil lasts for 24 months if properly stored in a cool and dry place and the bottle is undamaged. After 24 months, the oil simply starts to get rancid and its texture, color, or flavor may change. The best way to figure out whether your oil has gone bad or not, check its smell and texture. If there’s a bad smell or any change in appearance, the oil has probably expired.

Expired food grade corn oil should never be used in cooking as it doesn’t contain any food value. But fortunately, you can recycle both used corn oil and expired food grade corn oil into many useful products.

How to dispose of old corn oil?

Restaurants and other types of food establishments use this oil in cooking every day. As a result, they produce a huge amount of used corn oil. Dealing with the disposal of used cooking oil is a problem every restaurant owner faces.

According to the regulations of municipalities in California, every commercial kitchen disposes of their used cooking oil in the right way. Pouring them into the kitchen sink is restricted by law and such irresponsible acts may get you into a bigger problem- CITATIONS! This may also clog the plumbing system of your commercial kitchen, resulting in expensive sewer repair.

If you want to get rid of your used corn oil or expired food grade corn oil, the best thing you can do is to store them in a proper UCO collection storage facility and hand them over to a licensed IKG hauler for recycling.

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