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How we recycle used cooking oil

Recycle used cooking oil for a greener tomorrow! The truth that the 21st century had to admit is the world is getting polluted every moment. We need to stop this pollution from spreading for the sake of a beautiful tomorrow both for us and our future generations. Toxic food waste such as used cooking oils is one of the leading actors of environmental pollution. Restaurants and other commercial kitchens produce them in abundant amounts while cooking and frying every day.

If we do not treat those used oil properly and responsibly, we’ll be the ones responsible for different environmental and plumbing disasters. That’s the reason, government of California have made the proper disposal of used fryer oil and expired food grade cooking oil mandatory for food establishments. But what is the proper way to dispose of those oil?

Proper disposal of used oil refers to recycling waste cooking oil. It is the best thing you can do for the environment. Those oils can be recycled into various necessary goods, including biodiesel, which you can use to power your vehicles. However, a lot of people are unaware of the recycling procedure for cooking oil. Let’s examine this intriguing procedure in more detail.


Process of recycling used cooking oil

Recycling used cooking oil includes a series of complicated tasks. The process begins with the cleanser of used oils to get rid of items like food scraps from the liquid. Then the oil is poured into a large vat which allows it to flow through a sieve to dissolve debris. To complete this step, the oil is heated to separate any other solid materials that may be mixed with the used fryer oil. Then the oil is send to get refined and later on recycled.

The refining process is somewhat more complicated which involves several phases. But it is essential for converting used cooking oil into useful degradable biofuel. To guarantee that any contaminants in the oil are eliminated, the oil, for instance, is repeatedly further refined using centrifuges. It is then mixed with chemicals in a chamber before being released. These substances are added to make the oil compatible with vehicle engine. After the addition of these chemicals, the oil becomes compatible with automobile engine.

Advantages of biodiesel

Biodiesel is a sustainable and clean-burning fuel that is produced from used cooking oil, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. Compared to petroleum diesel, biodiesel emits less harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases. Because it is generated domestically and requires little to no modification to any diesel engine or fuel system, biodiesel has assisted several nations in lessening their reliance on foreign oil supplies.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing biodiesel is that it can replace fossil or petroleum based fuels as the most favored primary transport energy source by running in current diesel engines with little to no changes.

The carbon dioxide released during biodiesel combustion is used during the growth of the crops used to make the fuel for photosynthesis. On the other hand, Burning biofuels results in very little pollution and a large reduction in carbon emissions. Biodiesel emits less sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and soot than petroleum diesel which makes it ideal for those who cares about the mother nature.



Recycle used cooking oil with the Grease Company

The Grease Co. is a licensed IKG hauler. We provide the most comprehensive and reliable used cooking oil collection services in different cities of Southern California. Our UCO collection experts are highly trained, experienced, and aware of the regulations of the municipalities. We collect all types of used cooking oil, deep fryer oil, yellow grease, and expired food grade cooking oil. To make the oil collection process simple for our customers, we provide and install UCO storage containers (completely free of cost) in their establishment. Most of the used oils we collect get recycled into biodiesel.

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