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Grease theft in California and what you can about it

Inedible kitchen grease is leftover products of food establishments that contains zero food value and therefore is unsuitable for cooking purposes. But as it turns out, used cooking oils can be recycled into various usable goods and commercial kitchens may receive a handsome rebate check for handling over their UCO to a licensed IKG hauler.

On average, a gallon of yellow grease or used fryer oil is worth about 2.50$ and this commodity value of used cooking oil attracts grease thieves to steal used oil from food establishments.

In California, the theft of leftover cooking oil from restaurants, also known as IKG or edible kitchen grease, is on the rise. It has turned into a serious offense in our towns and counties. Millions of dollars are being lost by trustworthy businesses and eateries as a result of IKG robbers’ theft.

Signs of grease theft

Food establishments collaborate with reliable service providers that collect and recycle their spent cooking oil into something fresh and usable. Large containers outside near dumpsters in the parking lot or locked in automatic storage tanks within the business premises are where they collect the used cooking oil and yellow grease from. Grease theft often occurs when the food establishment is closed at night. Here are some sign you can look for to know whether or not your used oil is getting stolen-

  • If you notice a broken fence or any damage in your storage container, you may consider that as a visual sign of grease theft.
  • If the truck pumping from your bin doesn’t belong to your contracted IKG hauler, then clearly they are trying to steal your used cooking oil. It is fundamental for licensed UCO collectors to label the name and ID of their company both behind the storage container and the truck.
  • Be sure to check your grease collection bin once in a while. If you notice grease level is down than usual, you can suspect a grease theft occurance. 
Grease theft in California

What to do if you see a sign?

Grease theft is a nuisance criminal act and robbers all around California has been stealing massive amount of used oil and yellow grease from food establishments all over the state. 

Examine the storage container often to spot any changes in the quantity of grease being kept within. Keep up a strong security system, such as by setting up a surveillance camera in your garden or garbage can. If you see any effort at grease theft, either call 911 or you may report grease theft Report by clicking this button.

Recycle expired food grade or used cooking oil with the Grease Company

The Grease Co. is a licensed IKG hauler. We provide the most comprehensive and reliable used cooking oil collection services in different cities of Southern California. Our UCO collection experts are highly trained, experienced, and aware of the regulations of the municipalities. We collect all types of used cooking oil, deep fryer oil, yellow grease, and expired food grade cooking oil. To make the oil collection process simple for our customers, we provide and install UCO storage containers (completely free of cost) in their establishment. Most of the used oils we collect get recycled into biodiesel.

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