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Dealing with used cooking oil is one of the unpleasant challenges every restaurant owner has to face. City authority demands that the UCOs must be handled with paramount care and handed over to a licensed UCO collector in time for recycling purposes.

UCO collectors are also known as IKG (Inedible Kitchen Grease) haulers are transporters of restaurant cooking oil/ buyers of yellow grease, expired food-grade cooking oil. They are authorized by the CDFA and commonly referred to as grease collection experts. They are assigned the responsibility to reduce complexity in used cooking oil collection and disposal/recycling for commercial kitchens.

Qualities of a decent UCO Collector (IKG Hauler)

CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) has issued a license to several grease management companies to collect and transport UCOs from food establishments. But before you choose a company for your restaurant’s grease collection, you should investigate the company and look for some qualities that a good IKG hauler must possess.

Here are some of the signs of a decent UCO collector-

Licensed: First of all, you must be sure that the company you’re about to select is licensed by the CDFA. Here’s a list of all the authorized IKG Haulers in California.
Experienced: in Grease Collection: The next thing you should look for in a professional used cooking oil collection company is a decent amount of experience in handling toxic elements such as UCO.
Equipment: To collect and transport used fryer oil without spilling out, a company must be equipped with the best grease management and UCO collection technology.
UCO Storage Container: A professional UCO collector such as the Grease Company will always provide your restaurant with a free UCO storage bin that may fit your needs.
Punctuality: Dealing with UCO sometime may turn out to be an emergency situation. Any delay in oil pickup may result in citations or a temporary shutdown of businesses. Before you choose your IKG hauler, make sure they are able to provide you with emergency grease collection and transportation or maintenance service during your convenient hours.

Recycle used cooking oil with the Grease Company

Is your restaurant located in California? Are you searching for a reliable UCO collector near me? If YES, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Grease Company (AKA TGC) is a licensed IKG hauler in California that has been providing used cooking oil collection service for more than a decade. Our comprehensive grease collection and recycling service will put an end to your UCO problem once and for all. We’re experienced, equipped with the best UCO collecting technology, and dedicated to serving our customers with the most effective service.

There are thousands of restaurants in different cities of California that have been subscribing to our restaurant cooking oil collection service. Upon subscription, we provide them with a free storage container to store used cooking oils.

We are fast to respond to any emergency call, reliable and available 24/7 for the convenience of our customers.

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