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Used cooking oils - A threat to both human health and the environment

Would you ever consume unregulated used cooking oils and fats that lost their food value due to high-heated cooking? Nobody will probably say YES to this question because we all know that eating too much fat and oil is bad for our health. Excess fat in our system will eventually end up causing blockages in the arteries, obstructing blood flow and perhaps leading to a life-threatening calamity such as a heart attack. It could also be the reason for a vital organ failure, such as the liver. And if we reuse used cooking oils, deep fryer oils, or expired food-grade cooking oil, the result gets worse and we may end up hosting CANCER in our body.

Dumping used cooking oils here and there or pouring them into the drains are irresponsible acts. They contain such toxic elements that can destroy natural water sources or the fertility of the soil. we’ll be the ones to bear responsibility. Used cooking oil (UCO) is one of the most vexing problems of contemporary civilization and a substantial contributor to environmental deterioration, particularly in metropolitan areas. This does not, however, diminish the reality that it influences rural areas too. But the impacts are more noticeable in urban scenarios as they are more densely populated and contain a larger number of commercial kitchens in the food and beverage (F&B) industry where UCOs are mainly produced.

Cons of reusing cooking oil

Food establishments (restaurants, cafeterias, etc.) in the food & beverage industry tend to use tons of cooking oils in food preparation every day. As a result, an abundant amount of used cooking oils gets produced on regular basis. But it is a FACT, that UCOs should never be used in cooking more than once.

Why? Because the frying and cooking procedure results in carcinogenic chemicals. This chemical composition of used fryer oils promotes carcinogenesis and the production of cancer. Furthermore, the oil’s quality deteriorates with each usage, and the smoke point (the temperature at which it will burn) drops.

Environmental Impact of Used Cooking Oil

We live in a crucial century of natural disasters. Disposal of toxic used elements such as UCOs can fuel this degradation of our environment even more. It is regulated by legislation to handle used cooking oil responsibly as they have been a major contributor to different environmental circumstances.

Some of the negative effects of used cooking oils are as follows:

⦁ Dumping used fryer oils here and there may affect both plant and animal life. It may reduce their oxygen levels. Plants and animals may suffer from suffocation and death as a result of these.

⦁ Used cooking oil contains a really bad odor that pollutes the environment. These may affect the quality of the air we breathe.

⦁ UCOs contain poisonous elements that are harmful to the environment. They can be damaging to the environment in addition to being poisonous to plants and animals. When oil touches water, for example, the water becomes contaminated. And if we don’t respond quickly, aquatic life may suffer and perish as a result.

How to dispose of used cooking oil?

Because of the vast use of cooking oils in meal preparation, dealing with the disposal of used cooking oil (UCO) is probably inevitable in every household. A restaurant owner must understand how to dispose of used fryer oils, expired food-grade oil, and yellow grease the proper way.

To begin, you must carefully store the oil to prevent UCOs from spilling and leaking, which may produce a major problem. Cooking oil should be stored in a cold, dry, and secure location within a closed bottle or container. Avoid putting it near the oven, refrigerator, or microwave since it will become hot if you do. Place any remaining cooking oil in a tightly sealed container. When you’ve stored a decent amount of used cooking oil, look for a licensed IKG hauler near your area who can help you in recycling used cooking oil.

Is your food establishment located in California? If so, the Grease Co. can help you with the disposal and recycling of used cooking oil. We also help restaurants in establishing a perfect UCO storage container that suits their need. UCOs are valuable feedstock for many usable goods. Most of the oil we collect gets recycled into biodiesels.

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